I have been going to The Workout Place since 2010, initially for yoga and shortly thereafter, for personal training. I can honestly say I have never felt better! Working with Lou, I have learned the importance of weight and core training, cardio as well as stretch, balance and blood flow. In conjunction with a comprehensive workout routine, I have also learned and adopted a healthy and balanced diet. Looking back over the past ten years, I know for certain that both physically and mentally I am in a far better place through my training with Lou and the support and inspiration from my Workout Place family!



I have worked out with Lou for nearly 20 years, in group and personal training. What makes Lou’s instruction unique is her attention to you as an individual. It’s not “one size fits all.” She’s always focused on adapting to each person’s needs and abilities, so there’s never a reason to say “I can’t do that!”

Anne L.


I started at The Workout Place in October 2006, not really knowing what to expect. Fourteen years later, I’m still going there for personal training, group workouts and yoga. I love Lou’s motivation and class routines, the people, the location, and how good I feel after a great workout, which includes maintaining my weight (after a 100-pound weight loss) and managing my multiple sclerosis. This gym has made me a better person in countless ways.

June M. 


A friend of mine recommended The Workout Place to me three years ago. Lou is the master of creating workouts that are fun and challenging. The health benefits and wonderful camaraderie keep me coming back for more! 

Jennifer G. 


I’ve been working out with Lou for more than 20 years. The small, hometown feel at the gym is unlike anywhere else. Whether I’m kickboxing or taking yoga, the workouts are always changing and Lou does not disappoint. She challenges even the most fit clients while managing each person’s abilities. I wouldn’t want to work out anywhere else. 

Esther U. 


I had never been to a gym before and had no idea how to do it… but I needed to get healthier and lose weight. I started personal training with Lou and through her encouragement and support I reached my goal weight in 6 months. She creates workouts that are challenging, effective, and tailored to me. Yoga being offered is a highlight of my week. Lou has made The Workout Place an environment that welcomes you from day 1. Thank you, Lou. You helped me find the healthier me. You are the best!

Sue E.