Personal Training

Lou offers thirty-minute and one-hour sessions of one-on-one personal training at the gym, online, or at your home. Lou does a free consult to determine your strengths and weaknesses. She then developes a personalized, safe and realistic program for your body, lifestyle and goals.
She works with clients of all ages and varied needs such as weight loss, depression, self-esteem, flexibility, strength, joint issues, back issues, arthritis and some diseases like MS and Parkinson’s. Along with those with no health issues, who want to be functionally fit but just don’t know what to do or where to start. Lou is a firm believer the healthier your body is, the faster you recover, if you were to get sick.    
Lou’s goal of personal training with her clients is to keep you actively in the game of life…doing all the things you want to do now and continue to do as we age.